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Have you been looking for a highly renowned and famous astrologer in Gurgaon? If yes, then you can get in touch with Manavv Chawla for reliable and cost-effective consulting services. Known for his specialization in Vedic astrology, he also offers professional consultation for scientific Vastu and numerology.

'When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!' This popular saying amazingly expresses the existence of unpredictability and the need for optimism in our lives. Just because it is full of ups and downs doesn't mean that you should not prepare yourself for whatever is coming next. Enjoying the best days and combating through the critical days is a realistic pattern that we must follow to obtain a significant scale of stability in life. Astrology can come out to be a big help in achieving this level of understanding in terms of predictive assessment. A well-trained astrologer with essential knowledge of Vedic astrology can offer helpful insights so you can get the solutions to your recurring problems.

Manavv Chawla is the best astrologer in Gurgaon who provides consultation sessions for those who are seeking professional help in astrology. Due to his scientific approach to Astro-numerology and well-researched experience in scientific Vastu, he has developed a certain level of credibility in the domain of Vedic astrology. His astrological advice can help you get rid of all kinds of problems including business troubles, marital challenges, professional issues, career guidance, and more. Besides providing the best remedial solutions, he also maintains the confidentiality of his consultation along with the identity of his clientele.

Manavv Chawla is well-known for his remarkable expertise in scientific Vastu, numerology, and relationship analysis, and his tremendous insights can help you get a hold of your ongoing situations. His vast knowledge of Vedic astrology can be very helpful for your new business ventures and other endeavors you've been planning lately. His concerned nature towards his clients and his dedication to offering the most accurate suggestions make him the best astrologer in Gurgaon.

Best Famous Astrologer in Gurgaon and His Major accomplishments

In 2009, Manavv Chawla embarked on his journey of astrology practice to fulfill his aim of helping people with the best possible intellectual aid. With his kind nature and broad understanding of Vedic astrology and numerology, he tries his best to assist others with helpful recommendations during the worst phases of their lives. Below is a brief overview of his accomplishments that he gained throughout the 12 years of consultation practice:

  • Jyotish Bhushan (2010) followed by Vastu Shastri, Vastu Ratan, and Vastu Shree by Future Point Indian Ltd.
  • Academy of Vedic Astrology organized an international symposium in 2011 where they honored him for his excellent contribution to astrological sciences.
  • Manavv Chawla has also garnered wide recognition as the best famous astrologer in Delhi and NCR region. Legends Awards 2019 noted his contribution as the best Vastu and numerology expert in the capital city of India.
  • The series of his many accomplishments also covers International Icon of the Year (2019-20) for his prominent work in numerology and scientific Vastu.
  • In 2011, Manavv Chawla completed his profound research in Vastu & Astrology Sciences and received the accolade as the Vastu Visharad from the jury members Chamber of Commerce, Meerut.

Get the Best Insights on Vedic Astrology from the Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

Life can be full of unpredictable incidents and an unnoticed sign or event can even get out of our hands sometimes. This type of situation can only be tackled with the help of professional astrological aid. If you are living in the NCR region and looking for an experienced astrologer in Gurgaon, then Manavv Chawla is the right person for you. He is a certified scientific astrologer and an avid researcher who always ensures to come up with the easiest remedial solutions for your ongoing state.

Scientific astrology, with its roots in metaphysics and ancient Indian sciences, withholds millions of answers and solutions for all potential conditions that we confront these days. Only a professional astrology expert like Manavv Chawla can provide the best consultation services based on a scientific evaluation of planetary bodies and your previous life events. His area of expertise covers horoscope and Kundli reading, matrimonial advice, career guidance, and more. In addition to cost-effective Vedic astrology consultation, you can also book an appointment with Manavv Chawla for numerology reading and Vastu implementation in residential and commercial locations.

Are you willing to sneak a peek into the futuristic possibilities of your life or seeking substantial stability right now? If the answer is yes, then you must consult Manavv Chawla for convenient help. To book an appointment with the best astrologer in Gurgaon, you can give us a call at or +91-9810088887, +91-9999006309. If you have any queries, write to us at [email protected] today!

Rtn Manavv Chawla is a professional Vaastu expert who looks into modern practices and scientific methods of Vaastu Shastra to carve a peaceful atmosphere surrounding you. His expertise, experience, in-depth knowledge, and uniqueness make him different from others.

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It was good experienced with Mr chawla. Whatever he said or advised me to do really helped me a-lot. Thank you so much Manav bahiya.

Puneet Dhir


Very accurate readings. I am too impressed with Manav ji's vast knowledge of astrology & Vastu. He is always there for my eavery quary. Above all he is a very nice human being

Palki Jain


High impressed with knowledge Manav has for his field and can see difference it is making to our lives following his simple suggestion. Really appreciate.



Genuine, trust worthy. Really appreciate your astrology.

Shalini seth


I have interacted with Manav Serval times.He comes across as a mature professional with deep knowledge of his subject and offers profound solutions for any of our problems.

Ashish Batra


Manavv Chawla is extremely professional n guides you to the right path whether its astro or vastu.

Swätî Jäîn Gûptä


Very good astrologer and vastu consultant.

Sameer Batra


Excellent. marvelous, Good and vast knowledge.

Nirmal Batra


I am grateful to Manavv Chawla for his profound services, he has complete knowledge & Command on Indian Ancient, Vaastu & Astrology , he is adept in providing Vaastu recommendations to homes, offices, industries & other commercial establishments, he very patiently studies the issues & problems of his clients and deliver responsible suggestions, that do not need any major structural changes.



advice of manav ji is Exelent, he tell you right path .very practical n simple

DrBhavna Ahuja Sareen


Excellent Consultation, prediction and remedies

Amit Verma


It's very well organised and attractive



very good astrologer

Gunjan Amit Sawhney