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Manavv Chawla’s stellar career has brought him accolades, mentions, and awards from renowned domestic and international institutions – making him a reliable astrological consultant.


Manavv Chawla is an eminent motivational speaker and one of the top astrologers in North India. He is a well-known astrological speaker at several organisations in various cities. He has delivered numerous motivational speeches at various educational institutes and corporates. His astrological excellence has brought him a lot of acclaims. He has won various awards at both national and international levels. Born in renowned business family, he is blessed with excellence of speech. He extensively travels to meet his clients and explains them about their expansion, establishment or revival of businesses. His words have the strength to put back soul in any relationship. He makes you understand the underlying problem and the way to come out from it. He has conducted many pieces of research, national seminars, symposiums, and workshops on the basic principles of various ancient sciences in different parts of the country for the use of common man by applying Vaastu without Demolition and propagating these exhaustive guidelines displayed in original texts.

Manavv Chawla has established himself among the top astrology not only nationally but also internationally.  With his immense knowledge, he can comfortably discuss any of your problem and find you a solution with the help Indian Vedic astrology.

International Icon of the Year Awards 2019-20 | Manavv Chawla - Most Prominent Scientific Vaastu Expert Emerging Astrologer & Numerologist in India.