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In India, we are worshipping the Moon for ages. Indian astrology has always given utmost importance to the Moon. There are several ‘Pujas’ that get fulfilled only by offering prayers to the Moon. There is a reason behind every ritual our ancestors have given us. Moon is the major element in Vedic Astrology and it represents the mind of a person. The factors affecting the Moon and its placement in our ‘Kundali’ determine the psychological situation of a person. The moon has great influence over the fluids of the body. Indian astrology lays more importance to moon signs compared to sun signs. There are 12 Rashis or Zodiacs in our Vedic Astrology.

  1. Aries: Highly charged, fierce, ill-tempered, fearless and courageous. Driven by ambition, the natives of Aries can easily be stimulated. Though they seem very tough and violent from outside, they are very sensitive and emotional inside. Aries are very imaginative, full of ideas, frank and open-minded. They are kindhearted and expressive. The biggest weakness of this zodiac sign is their stubborn attitude. They don’t like any interference and like to do things in their manner. They may face some skin diseases at a certain point in their life. They are not very friendly in nature and don’t mix up easily with others. They are not expressive about their plans and choices. They suffer financially due to their poor planning skills. The mental energy and physical strength make Aries a perfect choice to become a sportsperson. They can be a good surgeon or a motivational speaker. Their confidence, deep understanding, and analytic skills make them highly successful in the law sector.
    1. Ruling Planet: Mars
    2. Lucky days: Tuesdays, Saturdays, Fridays Lucky
    3. Colour: Blue

  2. Taurus: Stubborn in their very nature, a Taurus can withstand adversities. They are usually calm, generous, introvert and fortunate but when provoked they turn extremely furious and fatal. They lead a blessed and happy family life. They believe in hard work rather than talking. They give a soothing effect to the environment wherever they go. They are peace-loving and cheerful. They are always at the forefront when it comes to helping others emotionally. They are little cranky when it comes to money matters. They want a fixed income, well-defined job profile with stability. They can perform well in sectors like investments, insurance, loans, and real estate. They are very mature and spontaneous in financial decisions. They can do well in the music sector.
    1. Ruling Planet: Venus
    2. Lucky Days: Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
    3. Lucky Colours: Pink, Blue, and White

  3. Gemini: Excellent command over the languages, pleasant personality, and soft- spoken in nature, that’s how Gemini’s are. They are versatile, thoughtful and have a unique sense of imagination. They are good at adapting and quick at feet when it comes to working. They like talking logic rather than having a meaningless conversation. Their social behavior reflects their judicious and human nature. They like changes and are moody at times. They get angry easily and take no time in cooling down. They have incredible quality to work without getting tired. They have to deal with a chain of endless thoughts. Sometimes this continuous thinking process puts them in problems and they are unable to think clearly. With their jumpy personality, others find it difficult to trust them. Superficial in nature, they prefer talking about their feelings. With their sharp and cunning mind, they can find a career in fields like research, public relations, media, writing, debating, lawyers, actors, artists, or directors
    1. Ruling Planet: Mercury Lucky
    2. Days: Wednesdays and Thursdays
    3. Lucky Colours: Green and Yellow

  4. Cancer :Generally, introverts and conservative in nature. They are very sensitive and sympathetic. They are full of energy, love traveling, and water adventurous. They are lovers of nature. They have a magnetic and captivating personality. They are usually courageous and straightforward in talks. They have a very strong mental aura to allure people and possess the quality to take their work to heights. They are truthful and hence get irritated easily. They tend to carry past baggage and stuck in the memories. This behavior creates a problem for them at times. They are highly giving in relationships. They can perform well in careers like banking, engineering, social work, child welfare, interior designing, and decorating. They can flourish professionally by being in the food industry in profiles like chefs and managers.
    1. Ruling Planet: MoonLucky
    2. days:Mondays and SundaysLucky
    3. colours: White, Cream, Red, and Yellow

  5. Leo: They are highly courageous, proud and truthful at heart. They have an ambitious, independent and impressive personality. With traits like commanding and born with leadership qualities, they can win the world. They have a sense of power which can be reflected by their behavior. They don’t treat their sub-ordinates rudely. As the sign of this zodiac represents, they have a high quality of leadership like a lion. Talking about their negative traits, they are strong-willed, pride, violent, bad-tempered, suspicious, jealous and submissive in nature. They fail to recognize their strength and weakness properly and fail badly at things. They want to try their hand in everything without determining the efforts required. They pine for compliments and praise in every work and get disappointed due to this. With their charismatic and confident approach, they can become good hosts and stage performers. They can become good speakers. With their good oratory skills, they can do extremely well in the sales and public dealing sector.
    1. Ruling Planet: Sun
    2. Lucky Days: Sundays and Tuesdays
    3. Lucky Colours: Red, Orange, and Green

  6. Virgo: These are reserved and sensitive. Analytic and critical in nature, they are logical in talking and practical in decision making. Virgos are intelligent and observant in life. They have a deep love for nature. They are studious and have good concentration skills. They are secretive and sharp-witted. They lose their temper easily. They are difficult in manipulating. They have a multi-faced persona and a high conscious level. They are pious people. They love to keep everything in a systematic and clean manner. This habit often creates a problem in their lives. They overdo things in the matter of cleanliness and system. They have an eye for details and have the ability to catch tiniest flaws. They are clear in thoughts and credible. Their extreme love for food also makes them chose a job in the food sector. They can work in fields like teaching, medicine, science, and research, etc.
    1. Ruling Planet: Mercury
    2. Lucky Days: Wednesdays, Fridays, Thursdays, and Mondays
    3. Lucky Colours: Green, White and Yellow

  7. Libra: They are sensitive, curious, gentle, creative and spiritual. Charming and cheerful in their behavior, they create a balanced and harmonious environment. They are good at perception and fruitful imagination. They win the hearts of others with their peacemaking capability. They have an aesthetic sense of beauty and fashion. They are often recognized as the troubleshooters for being good at finding middle ground. They are good at the work of art and creativity. On the negative side, they have a habit of procrastination. They get trapped in past negative events and may suffer depression. They try to avoid the problem rather than solving them. They can become successful in fields like art, literature, philosophy, music, and publishing. They are good at logic and arguments which can make them a perfect candidate in the law and justice sector. Their oratory skills make them famous in the political field. They are good at interior designs and decorating.
    1. Ruling Planet: Venus
    2. Lucky Days: Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
    3. Lucky Colours: White, Red, and Orange

  8. Scorpio: Truthful, sincere and honest are several traits of Scorpio natives. They are ill-tempered, confident and fearless. They are religious and pious people. They are capable to sail through the hardships of life. Lively in nature, they find happiness in any situation. They are not afraid of the fracas and are violent by very nature. They can get attracted towards addiction and are straightforward but rough in language. They have the tendency to complete tasks within deadlines but their cranky attitude creates problems for others. They do not believe in revealing the secrets and are a private person. They can show extremities in relationships. Be it love or hate, they are unbeatable in every condition. With a sharp mind and memory, they can become good detectives. Their intelligence makes them good in sectors like researches, defense services, media and science. They have a deeper and closer understanding of human nature and can settle conveniently in psychology and psychiatry.
    1. Ruling Planet: Mars
    2. Lucky Days: Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Fridays
    3. Lucky Colours: All shades of Blue

  9. Sagittarius: They have great potentials; a logical and a healthy mind which helps them attain goals in their life. They have a happy go lucky attitude. They spread happiness wherever they go. They are optimistic, faithful, generous and truthful. They have inherited property. They are modest, loyal and independent. They are bad at planning things as they act before thinking. Their biggest problem arises due to their unending desires. They are unstable in nature and bad at concentrating. They have a love for travelling which can earn them a good career in the navy or travel sector. They can become a travel guide, pilot or tourist guides. They can’t stick to things and need flexibility in life. They are brilliant in logic and can become software engineers, philosophers and scientists. With the sense of humour, they can look up to hosts show or become a standup comedian. 
    1. Ruling Planet: Jupiter
    2. Lucky Days: Thursday, Wednesday, and Sunday
    3. Lucky Colours: Yellow, Green and Light Blue

  10. Capricorn: The natives are courageous, ambitious, and practical in life. They have a stable mind and have set a very high standard for themselves. They are extremely committed to their work and are goal-oriented. They have strong control over their emotions. They are mostly reserved and cautious by nature. They work very hard to reach the top of their success. Like every other zodiac, Capricorns also have negative traits. They are too practical at times and can make their partner suffer from this very behaviour. They don’t do things on time and have a habit of delaying things. They sometimes behave as if they have no emotions. They run towards the material success keeping the family life in jeopardy. With their hard work, they can do well in fields like medicine, architecture, research, military, teaching and publishing. With their unwavering mindset and strong will power, they reach the heights of their respective job sectors.
    1. Ruling Planet: Saturn
    2. Lucky Days: Fridays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays
    3. Lucky Colour: White, green and light blues

  11. Aquarius: They are perfect lovers, humanitarians, jolly, and emotional. They are pious and religious people. They cannot stand the sight of adversities on others. They are unbiased, practical, imaginative, tolerant, quick-witted and lovers of personal space. They don’t like the interference of others in their personal life. They are highly attached to their spouse and are faithful in relationships. They are trustworthy and keep it to their words. They are usually bearers but once provoked they can get out of control. They never have malice in their heart and a believer of equality. They are mostly giving in nature. The biggest weakness they have is their oversensitivity. They value their personal relationships and take them as granted. With their excellent mental skills, they can become great researchers, mathematicians and physicists. They have brilliant skills in creativity which can lead them to become famous in profiles like writing, editing, composing, production, and theatre arts.
    1. Ruling Planet: Saturn
    2. Lucky Days: Thursdays, Fridays, and Tuesdays
    3. Lucky Colours: Yellow, Red, and White

  12. Pisces:They have a very versatile nature and trustworthy character. They are true lovers of nature and like writing. They easily trust people. They are both courageous and timid. They are born with leadership quality, enchanting personality, easy-going nature. They have a long network of friends due to their friendly nature. They have an impressive personality and are calm by nature. They like to travel and explore nature. They are an ardent lover of architecture and historical places. They beautifully divide their time between work and family. They are very sensitive, emotional and over-thinkers. They are not very good with will power. They are superb observant and are afraid of sins. They are religious but not blind-followers. They consider their partner as the backbone of their life. Fields like writing, music, photography, theatre, painting, designing are the best options for them. Since they have a helping nature, they can enter the sectors such as medicine, and NGOs.
    1. Ruling Planet: Jupiter
    2. Lucky days: Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Sundays
    3. Lucky colours: Red, Orange, and Yellow

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