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If you are willing to explore the magnificent effect of numbers that somehow relate to your life, then you can look up to Manavv Chawla for his cost-effective numerology consultation services. He is renowned as the best numerologist in Ghaziabad who can help you explore the undiscovered significance of your name, birth date, and other vital aspects to bring ease to your routine.

The universe holds within itself a million marvelous phenomena that take place in our lives almost every day. The day we were born, the place we were born and raised in, our names, and acquaintances are some of the factors that effectively put an influence on our lives. Numerous facets of our existence including success, failure, relationships, and growth are somehow contemplated in a loophole of numbers and alphabetic characters as per the philosophical interpretation of Numerology. It is a derived stream that explains the processes of metaphysics on a predictive ground so we can analyze the incidents taking place around us. It is also considered as the parallel form of astrology and therefore many people utilize this science for easy decision-making.

Manavv Chawla is a well-known name in the field of numerology and Vedic astrology. If you are in search of the best numerologist in Ghaziabad for trustworthy services, then you can consider his consultation for helpful suggestions. He is a certified numerology expert who offers professional guidance on numerology and astrology. In addition to these services, he can also provide his professional assistance for scientific Vastu based on the ancient Indian science of architecture. Being an experienced name in the astrology arena, he is well-aware of the fact that numerology requires more than just a philosophical interpretation of different events and possibilities. Therefore, he always ensures to answer all your queries after a careful evaluation of your condition on both astrological and numerological grounds.

Those who are working on a new business venture or seeking numerology advice for their existing business can rely on Manavv Chawla for his cost-effective services. He is known for providing the most accurate recommendations to help people solve their personal and professional problems. Aside from assistance in problematic situations, you can also consider him for consultation if you are commencing a new phase in your life and willing to start fresh without making any mistakes. His impeccable expertise in Astro-numerology can work wonders for your career, business, and personal lives.

Achievements that Established Manavv Chawla as the Best Numerology Expert in Ghaziabad

Manavv Chawla has spent more than 12 years in this field as the best numerology expert in Ghaziabad and this long span of specialization is full of various experiences and accomplishments. He has also won numerous awards and honors for his remarkable contribution in numerology, Vastu Shastra, and Vedic astrology. A quick view of accolades includes:

  • International Icon of the Year Award 2019 for noteworthy contribution to numerology and scientific Vastu studies.
  • Recognition as the best numerologist and astrologer in the Delhi NCR region in 2019 in the presence of Major G.D. Bakshi, Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhry, comedian Khayali, and other renowned names.
  • Star Light of the Year Award in 2017 during the 60th astrological convention held in Jalandhar.
  • Vastu Visharad 2011 for research in scientific Vastu, numerology, and Vedic astrology. He also won Jyotish Bhushan Award 2010 in the International Symposium on Astrological Sciences.

Consult the Best Numerologist in Ghaziabad for Efficient Numerology Reading

Career Advice - Sometimes, the selection of a specific career line becomes more complex than our imagination. If you are clueless about life after the completion of your school or college, then you can get in touch with Manavv Chawla for professional help.

Growth in Business - Business is like a game of poker where any kind of unpredictability can completely change the face of growth and development. If you are experiencing stagnancy in your established business and can't see any potential improvement, then you can consult Manavv for his helpful assistance. New startup businesses and small-scale ventures can also benefit from the numerology specialization of Manavv Chawla.

Numerology for Personal Matters - Whether you are dealing with a matrimonial complication or any other type of personal problem, Manavv Chawla can come up with the best possible solution for your situation. Apart from this, you can also consult his services to assess compatibility and the upcoming future with a potential partner.

The key to your happiness is completely in your hands if you are open to new possibilities. Manavv Chawla is a highly experienced numerology expert in Ghaziabad who can provide reliable and confidential consultation about your current situation in life. Give us a call at +91-9810088887, +91-9999006309 to book an appointment. You can also write to us at [email protected] for more details.

Rtn Manavv Chawla is a professional Vaastu expert who looks into modern practices and scientific methods of Vaastu Shastra to carve a peaceful atmosphere surrounding you. His expertise, experience, in-depth knowledge, and uniqueness make him different from others.

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It was good experienced with Mr chawla. Whatever he said or advised me to do really helped me a-lot. Thank you so much Manav bahiya.

Puneet Dhir


Very accurate readings. I am too impressed with Manav ji's vast knowledge of astrology & Vastu. He is always there for my eavery quary. Above all he is a very nice human being

Palki Jain


High impressed with knowledge Manav has for his field and can see difference it is making to our lives following his simple suggestion. Really appreciate.



Genuine, trust worthy. Really appreciate your astrology.

Shalini seth


I have interacted with Manav Serval times.He comes across as a mature professional with deep knowledge of his subject and offers profound solutions for any of our problems.

Ashish Batra


Manavv Chawla is extremely professional n guides you to the right path whether its astro or vastu.

Swätî Jäîn Gûptä


Very good astrologer and vastu consultant.

Sameer Batra


Excellent. marvelous, Good and vast knowledge.

Nirmal Batra


I am grateful to Manavv Chawla for his profound services, he has complete knowledge & Command on Indian Ancient, Vaastu & Astrology , he is adept in providing Vaastu recommendations to homes, offices, industries & other commercial establishments, he very patiently studies the issues & problems of his clients and deliver responsible suggestions, that do not need any major structural changes.



advice of manav ji is Exelent, he tell you right path .very practical n simple

DrBhavna Ahuja Sareen


Excellent Consultation, prediction and remedies

Amit Verma


It's very well organised and attractive



very good astrologer

Gunjan Amit Sawhney