Everything in this universe is interconnected and has effects on each other. We are the by-product of this universe and this rotating and continuously revolving celestial world always puts influence on our lives. The universe is built of atoms and so does the human body. Cosmic bodies not only control our mind but also persuade our physical deeds. There are seven physically existing planets namely, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn; two non-existing bodies namely Rahu and Ketu. In all these, the Sun and the Moon hold vital importance. 

Venus: Planet Venus is feminine in nature. It mainly expresses the sentiments of love and desire. It is related to feelings such as love and pleasure. Planet Venus is responsible for the attraction a man feels towards a woman. When Venus is positive, it evokes emotions like fascination, physical attraction etc.

When it is present in bad shape, then it induces immorality in the relationships, hatred especially towards women, adultery, extra-marital affairs. It is a symbol of the beauty of the body. An astrologer can evaluate your beauty with the position of Venus in your sky-map. It sometimes represents wealth and prosperity as well.

Mercury: Mercury is the planet of speech and it holds the power of intelligence. Astrology considers it for wisdom, devotion, speech, learning, peace, skin, mathematics and truthfulness. Mercury is considered neither a male nor a female. Rather Mercury is said to be an impotent planet. Mercury can make you a good speaker or can cause stammering. It is an important factor for your intelligence in accountancy and mathematics. It is a seeker of logic and knowledge. 

Mars: It is a male planet by its very nature. It is necessary to have Mercury in positive side to protect you from this sinful planet. It is a seeker of efficiency, strength, ability to perform, etc. if you have qualities like modesty, and creativity then this planet can make you an engineer from a blacksmith. Otherwise, in the presence of qualities like rage, sorrow, quarrel, etc, it becomes worthless. When in good shape, it makes you courageous and dutiful. It gives calmness in behaviour and wisdom in work. It may cause injuries, accidents or fever. 

Jupiter: Planet Jupiter is a strong symbol of knowledge. It brings you discipline and great achievements. It is an agent of studying and higher education. It is calm and intelligent. It remains in continuous search of knowledge. It is the house of wisdom and policy-lessons. It brings you good luck and a strong will. Jupiter can grow you mentally and physically. Overeating and fat are connected to Jupiter. It is considered as an auspicious planet and is worshipped. Jupiter holds vital importance in the happiness derived from the child. The condition of a child or a womb depends on the planet Jupiter. 

Saturn: Planet Saturn is considered as a dark, symbol of misfortune, death, mourning, delay, hindrance, sorrow, anxiety, satire, fear and fascination. Saturn mainly comes with a bad image. Mars is the total opposite of Saturn. Serious, enterprising and tolerant are the key traits of an individual ruled by planet Saturn. If found in a good position then, Saturn can make you a highly successful politician, an industrialist, a lawyer or judge. This dark planet causes maladies such as cold, foot diseases, cough, phlegm, etc. 

Rahu and Ketu: These planets only exist in astrology. There is no evidence of their existence in the universe. Planet Rahu represents the intense intelligent but is also a great symbol of enemies. Furious, confused, discomfort, violent, extreme mental excitement, lazy, etc are the major personality traits of individuals ruled by Rahu.

 Ketu is the most mystic among all planets. Known for its harsh nature, it well-known for its secret conspiracies. Planet Ketu is back-stabber. Its actions are usually hidden and sudden such as accident, confusion, humiliation, degradation, or financial loss.

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