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Our universe is full of events and happenings. Vaastu is a science that deciphers these events and extracts all the positive energies present in all the natural resources to create a better version of life.

Implement Vaastu sans Demolition

Vaastu sturdily believes in carefully rearranging things rather than destroying and reconstructing them. Adding small changes into the premises can turn lives towards a brighter side. It is an approach to rectify the difficulties in life and correcting them making a hole into the pocket.

Vaastu helps individuals to channelise the positivity of all celestial movement into their lives and eradicate negative energy taking into consideration your monetary situation. It not only brings harmony and peace but gives financial stability through its easy yet simple techniques. It strikes a perfect rhythm between man and the energies of the whole universe. We help you find a perfect solution for your problems without knocking down anything in your premises.

Vaastu Shastra – an ancient Vedic knowledge

Vaastu Shastra has its roots into Sthapatya Veda which is a part of Atharva Veda. There are several instances in Indian Puranas and Shastra that show the importance of Vaastu in Indian mythology. As per the Ramayana, the cave where Lord Rama rested was made under the principles of Vaastu Science. Even the creation and formation of “Ram Setu” was done according to the Vaastu. Archaeologists have also found the influence of Vaastu during the excavations of Indus Valley Civilisation. There is an underlying reason why we have an age-old ritual of worshipping these celestial changes.

Vaastu is the science of integrating Panchamahabhoota

The whole of our universe works on the principle of Panchmahabhoota i.e. air, earth, sun, sky and water. Each of these is connected to certain directions. Vaastu Shastra cogitates these “Panchmahabhoota” and the movements of all other bodies in the universe such as the rotation and revolution of Sun. Scientific Vaastu decrypts these signs and aware us about all the upcoming positive and negative changes in our life. Arranging all these elements into the right positions pulsate all-round happiness, good financial and mental condition.

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