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Sun is the most important element in our entire universe. It is the most influential body of our SolarSystem. The Moon and all other planets are dependent on Sun for the light. It is a symbol of fire, power and control. Not only science understands its significance but astrology also considered it super important. In astrology, Sun is venerated as the Soul and its juxtaposition with other planets results in the contrast between different individuals. There are 12 zodiac signs based on the movement and time spent by the sun in the sky over a year.

  1. Aries (March 21 - April 19): This is the first sign in the Zodiac; it symbolizes energy, hope, energy, honesty, bravery, passion, generosity and curiosity. Their positivism makes them stand out in every field. They inherit the quality of born leaders. Their determination makes them successful. With all these strengths come the weaknesses, they get irked very easily. Most of the Aries’ natives are attention-seeker and often show lots of tantrums. They are most famous for leaving tasks in between. Aries can become good lawyers, sportspersons, successful politicians with their optimistic and assertive perspective.
    1. Ruling Planet –Mars
    2. Lucky Colour – Blue
    3. Lucky Days – Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays

  2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Taureans are known for their patience, perseverance and persistence. They win the heart of others with their strong willpower and faithfulness. Stubborn in their very nature, they resist any change. They are bad at starting with new things and usually take time to adjust. They like to keep secrets and love the comforts of life. Basically reserved in nature, they became furious when provoked. They enjoy varieties of food and have a friendly nature. They possess a very fine sense of fashion and can look for fashion designing as a career option. They are a lover of music and can do well in the field of music. They can become a successful singer, dancers and music composer, etc.
    1. Ruling Planet – Venus
    2. Lucky Colour – Pink and White
    3. Lucky Days - Friday, Wednesday and Saturday

  3. Gemini ((May 21 - June 20): Vibrant, adaptive, intelligent, curious are a few qualities that describe Gemini natives. They like to communicate with other people and are fond of writing. These are the signs of twins which mean they have two hidden qualities inside them since birth. Very adventurous and talkative in nature, they have a lot of energy to put in different tasks at one time. Gemini people are very unstable in nature and often flip from one sector to another in no time. They have a large group of friends and have a very good command over languages. Adaptable in nature, Geminis have a very sharp mind and can take PR, media, writing, debating, consultancy, networking, or anything related to language as a career.
    1. Ruling Planet – Mercury
    2. Lucky Colour – Green and Yellow
    3. Lucky Days – Wednesday and Thursday

  4. Cancer (June 21 - July 22): The natives hailing from Cancer sign are conservative, introvert, straightforward, imaginative, fearless, oversensitive, sympathetic and energetic. They have a very strong business sense and are lucky to acquire the inherited property. They are a big foodie and can become happy chefs or can find a career in managing hotels or restaurants. They love doing social works especially child welfare. Cancer natives can do exceptionally well in real estate or interior designing or banking, engineering as well. They are very close to Mother Nature and love maintaining green spaces. They are superb caretakers and try to keep everybody around them full of contentment.
    1. Ruling Planet – The Moon
    2. Lucky Colour – White, Red, and Yellow
    3. Lucky Days – Sunday and Monday

  5. Leo (July 23 - August 22): Ambitious, enthusiastic, cheerful, affectionate and generous but very stubborn in changing opinion or behavior. They believe in hard work but are a seeker of praise. They love being in limelight. Their impressive but commanding personality makes them a born leader. Ruled by the Sun, they spread the light of their charm everywhere. They are fun-loving and extremely social. Like the symbol Lion, they are very dominating when it comes to relationships. They easily get along with any strata of people but are very rude towards their subordinates. They possess a feeling of superiority. They are not good at accepting faults and taking criticism. They are crazy about fame and publicity which makes them a suitable candidate to take acting and politics are a career.
    1. Ruling Planet - the Sun
    2. Lucky days - Sunday and Tuesday
    3. Lucky colours - Red, Orange, and Green

  6. Virgo (August 23 - September 22): The natives of Virgo are practical, intelligent, studious, observant, patient, logical, secretive, soft-spoken, and shy in nature. Venerated with a sharp mind, it is extremely difficult to manipulate their opinion or thinking. They are a constant learner and remain in search of perfection. They have a habit of self-introspection and self-learning. They love keeping things in a systematic manner. Due to their reserved nature, they find it hard to mingle up with strangers and often feel uncomfortable in a new environment. Logical in nature, Virgos feel annoyed when they have to justify themselves in a situation. They are ill-tempered. They pay attention to every minute detail and are good at critics. Their thoughts are very lucid and credible. Their nature makes them apt for fields like research and medicine. They can also become good teachers.
    1. Ruling Planet – Mercury
    2. Lucky days – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    3. Lucky colours - Green, White & Yellow

  7. Libra (September 23 - October 22): The natives of Libra look for harmony and are troubleshooters. It is a sign of partnership and coordination. They possess an eternal sense of beauty. Their souls are pious. They are peacemakers and have the power to derive conclusions through their words. With a charming personality, they are good at mixing up with others. They loved to be praised and are gentle in their behavior. They can become good diplomats because of their balanced nature. They are good at creativity, imagination and have their philosophy in life. They make others special. The biggest loophole in their enchanting personalities is their habit of procrastinating things. They often tangle themselves into the web of negative thoughts and end up feeling depressed. Rather than solving issues, they try to escape from the problems. Librans can perform well in fields such as philosophy, art, literature, music, ministry, law and justice.
    1. Ruling Planet - Venus
    2. Lucky days - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
    3. Lucky colours - White, Red, and Orange

  8. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Scorpions are ruled by emotions. They are passionate, secretive, trustworthy, sincere, honest, courageous, introvert, religious, intelligent, and believe in helping others. They are straightforward but rough in speech. They are the kind of people who never forget others’ generosity. They are an amalgamation of positive and negative traits. They are hard-working but are bad at coordination. They turn into the most fatal enemy and can become extremely violent at times. They are very demanding and possessive when it comes to relationships. By their violent nature, they sometimes harm themselves as well. They suffer a lot due to their tendency to get manipulated very easily. They become jealous of others’ success. Considering every trait of their personality fields like defense, media, psychology are the suggested career options.
    1. Ruling Planet - Mars
    2. Lucky days - Tuesday, Saturday, and Friday
    3. Lucky colours - Blue

  9. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Free-spirited and logical Sagittarians are the most honest among all other zodiac natives. They are charming, independent, modest, loyal, and generous. They rule the heart of others through their intelligence and a healthy perspective towards life. The sign of half-horse depicts the love of outdoor activities Sagittarians have. They get hurt easily by the behavior of other people. They are optimistic, forward-looking and have a very sharp focused mind. They tend to sail through the hardships of the time. They value their freedom above everything. On the other side, they are blunt, extravagant and distracted as they are never in dearth of money. They have great potential and their happy attitude makes them desirable. But their constant desire sometimes makes them lose their focus. Their adventure-seeking attitude and constant love for travel make them the right candidate for the fields related to tourism and travel. They can become good speakers with a good sense of humour they have. They can try their luck in software engineering and researches. They can become good comedians and hosts.
    1. Ruling planet – Jupiter
    2. Lucky days - Thursday, Wednesday, and Sunday
    3. Lucky colors - Yellow, Green and Blue

  10. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): They are the most practical, determined to succeed and patient individuals. They are ambitious, self-motivated, workaholic and cautious. They take considerable time to make decisions. They keep their public and private life separate. They have a good sense of humour and have a great desire for fame, status, money and position. They often have long-lasting relationships and are a very dependable person. They are bad with deadlines. They delay things and are bad at management. They keep their work before their personal life which makes their partner suffer. They can make their career in medicine, architecture, teaching, publishing, banking and military services. Their desire for success makes them highly successful and gains them positions like managing director or other higher authority in corporates.
    1. Ruling Planet – Saturn
    2. Lucky days - Fridays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays
    3. Lucky colors - White, green and light blue.

  11. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):They are innovative, creative and stubborn in nature. They resist changes and have lots of friends. They are independent thinkers and often praised for their out of the box thinking. They are practical and are quick-witted. They are humanitarians and believe in social work. They are kind-hearted. They can handle the adversities of life with a smile. They are frank and open-minded. They like to break boundaries and do not follow rules. They are very loyal and loving in relationships. They believe in religions and religious values but want logic for the practice. They are trustworthy and sincere. They believe in equality and justice. They have their own strong opinions. They can become good writers, composers, directors, researchers, mathematicians and physicists. 
    1. Ruling Planet – Saturn
    2. Lucky days - Thursdays, Fridays, and Tuesdays
    3. Lucky colors- Yellow, Red, and White

  12. Pisces (February 19 - March 20): They are excellent lovers, good writers and trustworthy people. They are more emotional and careless. They have limited concentration and will power. They are good at managing things and can split their time between tasks very well. They develop a friendly relation with highly successful people. They are pious at heart. Another utmost characteristic of Pisces natives is that they are highly observant. They are frank, unbiased, practical, imaginative and sometimes face disputes due to their fair nature. They are over-sensitive and confused at times. They think a lot about things and events. They can become good film-makers, actors, artists, photographers, painters and can look a career into any field of creativity.
    1. Ruling Planet – Jupiter
    2. Lucky days- Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Sundays
    3. Lucky colours- Red, Orange, and Yellow

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