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Scientific Vastu holds the power to extract every bit of negativity and dismay through the enactment of minimal changes in the surrounding. Renowned as the best Vastu Expert in Noida, Manavv Chawla can help you implement efficient Vastu techniques in your residential and commercial places without any potential architectural demolition.

The righteous methodology of Vastu Shastra is way beyond the placement of a furniture piece in the drawing-room or inclusion of a unique plant in the front yard. Unlike interior designing and modern architectural science, Vastu entails a meticulous analysis of the surroundings. An insightful evaluation is then taken into consideration for developing the strategic plan for the entire facility. Aside from the residential places, your commercial settings can also be customized with the right guidance so you can witness success and prosperity in your business as well.

Vastu Shastra is popularly known as the ancient science of architecture that uses different surrounding elements of a spot to curate a definitive interior structure for channeling positive energy and harmony into the environment of a place. This is a very discrete form of arrangement that requires ample research and professional understanding. Only a certified Vastu expert like Manavv Chawla can provide the best Vastu solutions for your homes and offices. With extensive expertise in both residential and commercial Vastu, Manavv has been helping a broad array of clientele from different walks of life for the last 12 years. His remarkable experience in scientific Vastu makes him the best Vastu Expert in Noida and NCR region.

The Top Vastu Consultant in Noida and His Journey of Accomplishments

Manavv Chawla commenced his practice as a certified scientific Vastu expert in 2009 intending to provide cost-effective solutions to those who are seeking professional help for Vastu implementation in their homes and offices. He endeavors to navigate the course of energy with his scientific approach towards Vastu and astrology, so you can experience the positive transformation in the ambiance of your home and workplace. A compelling methodology followed by an assisting persona has helped him maintain his reputation as the best Vastu consultant in Noida along with winning several awards and honors in this field. Some of his accolades are mentioned below:

In 2010, Manavv Chawla won Jyotish Bhushan honor for his tremendous contribution in the Vedic astrology, numerology, and Vastu Shastra. Other major awards in this series encompass Vastu Shastri, Vastu Ratan, Vastu Shree, Jyotish Gaurav, and more.

  • In 2011, he became a part of the national workshop on Vastu-Astrology sciences held in Meerut. He was honored with Vastu Visharad, an academic accolade for his profound research on the scientific Vastu.
  • In 2015, he received Bhrigu Rishi Sammaan in a workshop organized by the Future Point in Pragati Maidan.
  • His most recent accolades cover Legends Award 2019 and International Icon of the Year 2019 for his prominent performance as the scientific astrologer, numerologist, and Vastu expert in Noida & Delhi NCR region.

Vastu Consultant in Noida for Reliable Residential and Commercial Vastu Solutions

Manavv Chawla offers his well-researched Vastu consultation services for all kinds of settings including residential and commercial places. Check out the brief elaboration on his effective services below:

Residential Vastu Solutions - You can't consider the same Vastu arrangement for your house that has worked for your neighbors, friends, or relatives. The requirement of every house is unique and different based on the type of people who reside there. The energy of a room resonates as per the activities and discussions taking place in that specific area. The method for Vastu execution in the kitchen is completely different from the one for the bathroom and bedroom. The number of windows and direction of the door are also some crucial elements that play a vital role in residential Vastu. These are some of the most distinctive features of scientific Vastu that only a professional Vastu expert like Manavv Chawla can analyze.

Commercial Vastu Solutions - A proper Vastu setting in a commercial space is as essential as it is for residential buildings. Any commercial place that witnesses the constant navigation of people must have a robust architectural overview of various operations and activities. For example, the Vastu of a restaurant must contain the elements that denote food as one of the most enjoyable activities of the day. Every business has a specific requirement for an accurate Vastu implementation. Manavv Chawla provides commercial Vastu consultation services for schools, institutions, hospitals, clinics, retail showrooms, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, automobile showrooms, etc.

If you are searching for the top Vastu consultant in Noida who can provide cost-effective solutions, then you can end your search and book an appointment with Manavv Chawla now! You can write to us at [email protected] or give us a call at +91-9810088887, +91-9999006309 to get more information.

Rtn Manavv Chawla is a professional Vaastu expert who looks into modern practices and scientific methods of Vaastu Shastra to carve a peaceful atmosphere surrounding you. His expertise, experience, in-depth knowledge, and uniqueness make him different from others.

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It was good experienced with Mr chawla. Whatever he said or advised me to do really helped me a-lot. Thank you so much Manav bahiya.

Puneet Dhir


Very accurate readings. I am too impressed with Manav ji's vast knowledge of astrology & Vastu. He is always there for my eavery quary. Above all he is a very nice human being

Palki Jain


High impressed with knowledge Manav has for his field and can see difference it is making to our lives following his simple suggestion. Really appreciate.



Genuine, trust worthy. Really appreciate your astrology.

Shalini seth


I have interacted with Manav Serval times.He comes across as a mature professional with deep knowledge of his subject and offers profound solutions for any of our problems.

Ashish Batra


Manavv Chawla is extremely professional n guides you to the right path whether its astro or vastu.

Swätî Jäîn Gûptä


Very good astrologer and vastu consultant.

Sameer Batra


Excellent. marvelous, Good and vast knowledge.

Nirmal Batra


I am grateful to Manavv Chawla for his profound services, he has complete knowledge & Command on Indian Ancient, Vaastu & Astrology , he is adept in providing Vaastu recommendations to homes, offices, industries & other commercial establishments, he very patiently studies the issues & problems of his clients and deliver responsible suggestions, that do not need any major structural changes.



advice of manav ji is Exelent, he tell you right path .very practical n simple

DrBhavna Ahuja Sareen


Excellent Consultation, prediction and remedies

Amit Verma


It's very well organised and attractive



very good astrologer

Gunjan Amit Sawhney